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Fintray, Nr. Inverurie - Aberdeen , Aberdeenshire, AB21 0JL Tel. 01651 882301 - Alt. Mob: 07866 173610

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** For "URGENT" assistance please call Mob: 07866173610 **

Wasps are social insects and form large colonies, or nests, which are socially structured and highly organised. Wasps are a widespread pest during the summer and cause fear and concern in many people because of their powerful stings especially as some species are quite aggressive. As many as 30,000 wasps can populate a nest and therefore protective clothing is extremely important.

The queen usually spends the winter in a warm protected site often located in lofts, attics, wall cavities or in the ground. The wasps’ nest may be treated directly with an insecticidal powder but often it is just as successful to treat their entry hole from outside. Ross Duncan Pest Control guarantee total eradication if an active nest is present.

Do not attempt DIY treatment if you suspect you are sensitive to the sting of wasps, if the nest is indoors or  inaccessible..                                                                


Wasp swarms are dangerous - if in doubt, seek professional help. It is better to catch a problem nest as soon as you can before it becomes out of hand.

Ross Duncan Pest Control offers a call-out service to destroy wasp nests or any other pest problem in the home. The service is fast, effective and affordable.

We have all the equipment required to safely treat a nest and remove it from the premises.


We have contact with a Beekeepr in the Aberdeenshire area, who can be contacted with regard to problems with bee's. We will not destroy bee's unless there is a high risk to humans. He can usually remove swarms and relocate them to a hive.